Oklahoma Gourmet Popcorn all started as a written assignment in November 2015. Owner DJ Boles was in his senior year of college and had to write a business plan. The professor kept pressing that the students try to come up with something new, or find a niche in the market. DJ decided to write a paper about a popcorn store with all sorts of crazy flavors, the paper was titled Oklahoma Gourmet Popcorn. Throughout writing the paper he would send it to his dad for advice and to see if it had the potential of becoming something real. They both agreed that it could work.

Fast forward to January 2016. They took the paper to the bank and got approved for a small business loan and like that it became real. His father and grandparents also became investors in the start up of the business. The original location for the store was in Stillwater, Oklahoma because DJ didn't want to leave. The more They looked into it the Moore area looked like the right place for the first Oklahoma Gourmet Popcorn to be. They signed a lease in March 2016 at Camden Village off 19th street in Moore.

The day after DJ graduated college he took off to Texas to evaluate a successful popcorn store and to pick up the popcorn tables for the store. When he got back he began building the interior of the store and the website for Oklahoma Gourmet Popcorn. In July all of the handy work had been accomplished and it was time to figure out all the flavors and machines. The first time they turned the Kettle everything went perfect, the popcorn came out just like everyone had imagined. JK the oil spilled everywhere missing the entry on the top of the Kettle. They had to wait for the oil to dry up to get everything clean. Then the they put to much salt in the first batch. Then a few batches later everyone decided it was just right. DJ began to make all the flavors getting there before the sun rose and leaving after it set. Finally they had sorted out all of the details and decided 42 flavors was enough to open the doors.

The store opened on August 2nd 2016. The grand opening was a huge success with close to 200 transactions and over 3,000 dollars of sales. WELCOME TO OKLAHOMA GOURMET POPCORN.